Vintage Sewing Chic 60th Birthday Party

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What to do for a Mum who is turning 60, and who doesn’t want any ‘fuss’ or to really celebrate in any way? A Sewing Chic Surprise 60th Birthday Party of course!


I planned this party for my Mum, who lives two states away. It was certainly a challenge organising everything, and especially to keep the surprise, but I certainly couldn’t have done it without the help of my Dad, Brother and some Amazing friends.


After Mum had arrived, and got over the initial shock, then anger that we had gone to so much trouble, she was delighted to see so many old and new friends.


I made sure to use her favourite colours of Purple, Pink and Cream in the party styling, with the main inspiration being a piece of her own handmade embroidery that she had given me.


To add to the fun, my sister-in-law made a beautiful bespoke cake, and we set up a lolly bar complete with personalised chocolates. I decorated a Memories book for Mum’s friends & family to sign, and also put together a Memories board of some key moments of Mum’s life, which she enjoyed showing her guests.


We enjoyed a sit down 3 course dinner, and just to embarrass Mum a little bit more, I placed tags of little informative tid-bits about Mum on the flower arrangements in the centre of the table, so the guests could learn things about Mum that she had done in her life that they may not have known about.


After dinner, we all had a great time being silly in the Photo Booth, trying on hats and using the fun photo booth props I had printed.


A big thank you to everyone who made this Party possible, and a very Happy Birthday to my Mum!

xo Amy


Invitations & Printables: Sassaby

Cake: Yarra Valley Bakehouse

Props & Styling: Sharon @ Running Cow

Flowers: Sassaby

Photo Booth Props: One Sweet Sunny Day

Venue: Club Ringwood


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