The Wild Bunch {by Mibo Studio}

Here is a Fantastic Idea for your next Safari Party…why not create ‘The Wild Bunch‘!?


This gorgeous Printable Kit is one of the many delightful creations of Madeleine Rogers from Mibo Studio. These cute paper animals are easy to assemble and the perfect Party Decoration for next Safari Adventure!


The Wild Bunch by Mibo Studio.



Make sure you check out Mibo Studio and take a look at what other fun fold-up friends Madeleine has created.

Safari Party {by Sassaby}

Safari Party by Sassaby available at

It’s time to GO WILD! with our new Sassaby Safari Party Collection! The perfect party for your little adventurer, the only limit to how ‘Wild’ you go is your imagination!

You’ll need plenty of Snacks and Refreshments for your hungry Safari Guests. Some Savoury food ideas are Salads, Meat Pies, or BBQ Kebabs.

For the Sweet option there is plenty of choice such as Bananas, Grubs, Pineapples, Snakes, Frogs, Runts, Jelly Beans, not to mention the classic option of Cupakes. We decided to go with Hummingbird Cupcakes topped with Walnuts and Toasted Coconut for something different.

Safari Party Printables by Sassaby

To help your Adventurers look the part, make sure you provide some Pith Helmets and Binoculars. Our Safari Pinwheels will give your guests some entertainment and the Safari Treat Bags will allow everyone to grab some grub for later.

Make sure you offer plenty of refreshments for your thirsty Safari Guests, such as water using the Sassaby Safari Water Labels or maybe even consider making some Green Jungle Juice!

Lastly, keep your guests busy with plenty of games and activities, such as Animal Charades, or Animal Statues (when children Freeze, they must be in the shape of a Safari Animal).

What about a Peanut Hunt? (Kids have to find as many unshelled peanuts from around the yard, the one with the most wins a prize.) Or perhaps a Lion Roaring contest – The loudest wins a prize.

There are so many fun details you can create for your Safari Party. I hope the new Sassaby Safari Collection will start you off in the right direction!