Vintage Rainbow Pinwheels {Free Printable & Tutorial}


Vintage Rainbow Free Printable by Sassaby

You will Need Sassaby Pinwheels


Enjoy this Free Printable Vintage Rainbow Pinwheel for any type of Party!

We’ve put together a Free Tutorial as well, just to help you out with some of the tricky steps.



Access your Free Download below, and have fun creating these decorations for your next party!



Step 1 Rainbow Pinwheels Sassaby


Step 1: Print & Cut out both squares on each Pinwheels Sheet, and the center circle.


Step 2 Rainbow Pinwheels Sassaby


Step 2: Glue Pinwheel front sheet to back sheet, lining up the edges.


Step 3 Rainbow Pinwheels Sassaby


Step 3: Smooth out glued sheets, making sure they have stuck to each other completely. Then, cut along dotted lines, making sure you stop where the lines stop.


Step 4 Rainbow Pinwheels Sassaby


Step 4: Pull the Left-Hand corner of each cut edge into the centre and hold in place. Then, secure all pieces with a pin. Make sure when securing with the pin, that you push through all corners and that you push through to the black dot at the back, so it’s centered.


Step 5 Rainbow Pinwheels Sassaby


Step 5: When your pin is secure in the pinwheel, push the pin through your straw or stick.


Step 6 Rainbow Pinwheels Sassaby


Step 6: Cover the pointed end at the back of the pin with plastecine or blu-tac. Make sure the pinwheel isn’t too close to the straw/stick, and that it can move freely when blown gently.


Step 7 Rainbow Pinwheels Sassaby


Step 7: Add a piece of double-sided poster tape to the circle, and stick it to the front of the pin and your done!


Vintage Rainbow Pinwheel Free Printable


You can mix and match with the front and back of the pinwheels, to create alternative versions.



Have fun creating and Enjoy! xo Amy

Father’s Day Bingo {Free Printable}


Fathers Day Free Printable Bingo by Sassaby


Challenge Dad to a fun & friendly game of Picture B-I-N-G-O in Retro Style! We’ve included 4 different sheets and 1 Master Sheet for hours of Family Bingo playing fun – No Bingo Set Needed!


For added excitement, why not use M&Ms or Hershey Kisses as game pieces…so you can have a sweet treat when you’re done!


Happy Father’s Day to all our amazing Dads out there….and Enjoy! xo Amy



A French Pique-Nique Birthday Party

pique nique

Invitations Pique Nique

The very talented Anne Le Gall from ‘Il Était une Fois’ {Once upon a time} Parties in France created this gorgeous Picnic Birthday Party {‘un Pique-nique’ in French}, including the beautiful Invitations!

photo 5

pique nique 1

pique nique 3

photo 3

It was a pleasure to create the Bespoke French Pique-Nique Drink & Water Labels for the Party, and we love how Anne has brought all of the party elements together such as the Red Gingham, Vintage lace, Ribbons, Snacks, Table Decoration and Treats.

Nous l’aimons! Great Party Anne! xo

French Inspired {Free Printables}


Bonjour! In the spirit of Bastille Day we have some very French & very Fabulous Free Printables! Enjoy xo


Vintage Paris Collage Postcard

French perfume label ~ closeup ~ lilac-n-lavender

French Perfume Labels from Lilac & Lavender


Vintage Eiffel Tower Postcard from The Graphics Fairy


French Rose Labels from Ephemera’s Vintage Garden

paris atelier

L’Atelier de Paris Poster from Janet K Designs

rose+perfume+vintage+image+graphicsfairybgVintage Perfume Label from The Graphics Fairy

vintage-french-fashion-printableVintage French Fashions Tags from Call me Victorian


Vintage Paris Tea Room Gift Tags from Vintage Glam Studio


Free French Food & Drink Labels from Etiquettes Boissons

Creative Backyard Car Town Party


Backyard Cars Party

Backyard Cars Party 1

Four Town Backyard Car Party


Backyard Cars Party 2



Backyard Cars Party 4

Backyard Cars Party 7


Backyard Cars Party 10


Backyard Cars Party 11


Welcome to Four Town! The ‘Cars Capital’ of Aiden’s 4th Birthday Party.


Created by the very talented & crafty Sharon, this Backyard Cars Party was an absolute hit with the kids (Drivers) and their parents (Pit Crew).


The guests were greeted by Safety Cones and a tower of Red & Black balloons, with a sign directing them to the fun ahead.


Then, the kids got to pick their own handmade cardboard box cars, complete with paper plate wheels, from the Car Park, and had the chance to fill up with Petrol at the Petrol Station, and Change & ‘Pump Up’ their Tyre’s and Check Oil & Tyre Pressure in Luke’s Auto & Tyre Shop. There was even a Car Wash complete with Bubble wrap, Foam Guide Poles, Balloons and Streamers!


Car Town was made complete with Cardboard Box Traffic Lights, Stop Signs & Give Way Signs. A giant chalkboard allowed the kids to get creative and a colouring table full of cars pictures gave them the chance to have a rest from all that driving.


For snacks, the kids were treated to car themed foods and a delicious themed birthday cake.


With most of this party being handmade and created from Cardboard and Paint, Sharon said it was very inexpensive, if not a little time consuming to create. As you can tell, this party was well worth the effort because it looks amazing, and the smiles on the kids faces speak absolute volumes!


Great Job Sharon ~ What a fantastic Party idea!


Get Creative for Valentines Day!


Get creative this Valentine’s Day with this fun selection of Gift Ideas including Free Printables, Handmade Treats, Recipes & Games!


Valentine1310 things I love about you | I Heart Nap Time

VDay1-464x700Valentine’s Day Subway Art | Pretty Darn Cute Design

the farm chicks treat bagsValentines Treat Bags | The Farm Chicks

vdaywrappingpaperValentines Day Gift Wrap | 30 Handmade Days

valentine's bingo game free printables cards and calling sheet party printablesPrintable Love Bingo | Bird’s Party Blog

valentines-day-subway-art-printable1Free Valentine’s Day Subway Art | How to Nest for Less


Valentine’s Heart Box Cookies | Glorious Treats

valentines fortune cookies

Handmade Valentines Fortune Cookies | Design.Wash.Rinse.Repeat


Udaman Chocolate Bar Wrapper | Jeanne Winters

A Circus Birthday Party

styling elegance circus party 1 styling elegance circus party 2 styling elegance circus party 3 styling elegance circus party 4 styling elegance circus party 5 styling elegance circus party 6 styling elegance circus party 7

a fabulous circus party designed by styling elegance


The wonderfully talented Naomi from Styling Elegance, Couture designer Cakes & Sweets Buffets, created this Fun & Fabulous Circus Party for her daughter Leila’s 5th Birthday.
We were honoured to provide our Vintage Circus Invitaiton and other fun printables to add to the amazing decorations Naomi created.


17th November 2013
Cake, Styling & Concept:
Circus Printables & Invite:
Icecream bar printables:
Circus backdrop:
Personalised circus singlet & shirts:

Little Sofies Boutique
Tickets & Confetti:
Popcorn machine, Slushy machine, and jumping castle hire:
Kelly Holmes
Naomi also sourced things like glassware and stands from the following:
The Reject Shop
Dollar King

Santa Christmas Eve Thank You Note {Free Printable}

Santa Note by Sassaby


Leave a Thank you note for Santa on Christmas Eve with your Tasty Treats ~ I’m sure he will appreciate the extra effort!



Santa Note 2 by Sassaby


Merry Christmas! xo Amy

White Christmas in a Jar {Free Printable}


White Xmas Jar by Sassaby


Get creative with your Gift Giving this Christmas with our Free Printable White Christmas in a Jar Personalised Labels and Instructions!


Create your own White Christmases in a Jar by following the Instructions below:


1. Download the Labels from our link below, then Open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader XI (version 11).
2. Edit the Personal text message on the front label to your own message, and Save the file.
3. Print your Labels and attach to cute Mason Jars or recycled Food Jars.
4. Add thick & even layers of the following Ingredients into each Jar:

1/4 cup white chocolate chips
1/2 cup chopped pecans, toasted and cooled
1/2 cup sweetened dried cherries or cranberries
1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed
1 cup buttermilk biscuit or scone baking mix
1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
1 cup buttermilk biscuit or scone baking mix


5. When the jars are full, attach the lid and cover with pretty Christmas Fabric or Paper and a Ribbon.


Voila! White Christmas in a Jar ~ A creative & fun homemade Christmas Gift.


white xmas label back Sassaby



Handmade Paper Christmas Wreath {How to}

Sassaby Christmas Paper Wreath sm


Create this Easy Do-it -Yourself Handmade Christmas Paper Wreath simply using a wreath base, an old book, some sticky tape, and a touch of Christmas Creative Flair!


You will Need:


1 x Sheet of 50mm thick Corflute (available at Office Supply Stores)

1 x 50cm piece of string

1 x Old Book

A Stanley Knife

A Pencil

Sticky Tape


Double Sided Poster Tape (optional)


Sassaby Paper Wreath How To 1


Step 1


Decide how large you would like your wreath. Keep in mind that the wreath will end up being around 8-10cm wider when finished. Our wreath was cut at 45cm Diameter.


When you know the size you want, tie your piece of string to your pencil. Find the centre of the corflute and measure the size you need from the pencil to the end of the string.


Hold the string in the centre at your desired diameter in the centre with your finger, and draw/move the pencil around the edge, creating a circle as you do so.


Leave a gap of about 10cm, then repeat this step to create your inner circle.


Carefully cut your wreath shape out of the corflute with a stanley knife. Puncture two holes of the corflute on the wreath at the top, and cut a piece of string of about 20cm, then thread your string through the holes to create your hanger.


Step 2


Open your old book and start carefully pulling the pages out from the spine, so you have several individual pages.


Fold each page of the book into thirds, lengthways, to form a zig zag fold.


It’s a good idea to fold several pages, so you can get sticking easily with lots of pages ready.


Sassaby Christmas Paper Wreath How To 2


Step 3


Begin sticking your folded book leaves to your wreath base with an overlap of the edge of about 5cm. Slightly fold the bottom of each book leaf under so it sits up a little.


Use as much sticky tape as you need, you won’t see it at the end.

Continue to add book leaves on top of each other – spaced about 5cm, and overlapping, around the entire wreath.


Sassaby Christmas Paper Wreath How To 3


step 4


When you have completed the first layer, continue to add your folded book leaves on a second level (picture 4), making sure there is a 2-3cm gap between the edge of the first layer, and the edge your next layer, but also a 1-2cm gap between where you are sticking the leaves and the inner edge of the wreath (to leave room for a 3rd layer) picture 5).


Sassaby Paper Wreath How To 4


step 5


When you have completed your second layer, begin adding book leaves for a third layer (picture 6).


However, this time, fold the bottom of the folded leaf under the inside wreath edge, and stick at the back, giving the wreath a nice finish, and covering up your ‘mechanics’ (picture 7).


Again, use as much sticky tape as you need to, especially on the back, as it’s clear and won’t be seen.


Sassaby Paper Wreath How To 5


step 6


When you have added book leaves all the way around your wreath, and made sure the inner edge has a nice clean finish, place & tape the last leave under the first book leaf, to create a seamless fan effect.


Decorate your wreath with Paper decorations such as stars or holly and attach with double sided poster tape if desired, or just use sticky tape folded onto itself.


Or feel free to download the Vintage Christmas Papers used on our Wreath in the colours of Aqua, Red, Kraft Brown & White:




Paper Book Christmas Wreath by Sassaby


Happy Paper Wreath Making & Have a Very Merry Christmas! xo Amy