Favourite {Sassaby Loves} Handmade Kids


Handmade Kids is an Australian directory of fabulous finds and handmade goodness where mums love to come to have a little oooh and ahhh over lovely things.


From Microbiologist to Mumpreneur, Handmade Kids owner Maryanne chases big dreams.  In her life BC (before children) she spent her days examining little things through a microscope but when her own little life-form arrived, she suddenly saw the big picture. She had to find a way to stay home with her new baby while still paying the bills.


Maryanne has a self-confessed “crafting disability” but also a heartfelt love for an exquisitely made, beautifully stitched handmade kid’s items.


Handmadekids.com.au has an absolute treasure-trove of gorgeous Handmade Items, Ideas, Tutorials, Links as well as a Handmade Directory, so you can put your finger right on the pulse of whatever creative handmade items you’re looking for.


Don’t forget the Fabulous Freebies you can Win as well as a Monthly Newsletter, packed full of Inspiration & Ideas!


Make sure you take a look at Handmade Kids and get Inspired!

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