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Backyard Cars Party

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Four Town Backyard Car Party


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Welcome to Four Town! The ‘Cars Capital’ of Aiden’s 4th Birthday Party.


Created by the very talented & crafty Sharon, this Backyard Cars Party was an absolute hit with the kids (Drivers) and their parents (Pit Crew).


The guests were greeted by Safety Cones and a tower of Red & Black balloons, with a sign directing them to the fun ahead.


Then, the kids got to pick their own handmade cardboard box cars, complete with paper plate wheels, from the Car Park, and had the chance to fill up with Petrol at the Petrol Station, and Change & ‘Pump Up’ their Tyre’s and Check Oil & Tyre Pressure in Luke’s Auto & Tyre Shop. There was even a Car Wash complete with Bubble wrap, Foam Guide Poles, Balloons and Streamers!


Car Town was made complete with Cardboard Box Traffic Lights, Stop Signs & Give Way Signs. A giant chalkboard allowed the kids to get creative and a colouring table full of cars pictures gave them the chance to have a rest from all that driving.


For snacks, the kids were treated to car themed foods and a delicious themed birthday cake.


With most of this party being handmade and created from Cardboard and Paint, Sharon said it was very inexpensive, if not a little time consuming to create. As you can tell, this party was well worth the effort because it looks amazing, and the smiles on the kids faces speak absolute volumes!


Great Job Sharon ~ What a fantastic Party idea!


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